The 2012 Return Path Sender Score Benchmark Report

The Power to be Heard

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been at war with spammers for well over a decade protecting inboxes from spam and phishing messages, and trying to provide a trustworthy and reliable way for people and businesses to communicate. Unfortunately, important emails are too often caught in the crossfire in the battle with spam and delivered to the spam folder or blocked. Our latest Deliverability Benchmark study showed that on average almost 25% of opt-in commercial email is never delivered to the intended recipient. The majority of these cases could be averted by simply understanding and managing one’s sending reputation.

About this report:
  • Understand ISP challenges separating the good email from bad email
  • Learn how your reputation and Sender Score correlates to inbox placement rates.
  • Compare yourself against your industry peers and region.
  • Take action on how to monitor and correct common reputation issues.

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